Welcome to The Awake and Alive Foundation, A Charitable Trust Based in New Delhi, India. We Are a Beacon of Hope for The Underprivileged, Working Tirelessly to Empower Individuals and Communities Across the Nation.

Our Mission:

Our Mission Is Simple Yet Profound: To Support the Needy in Education, Health, And Employment Throughout India. We Believe That Every Individual Deserves a Chance to Thrive, And We Are Dedicated to Providing the Resources and Opportunities Necessary to Make That Happen.

Our Focus:

  • Education: We Believe That Education Is the Key to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Creating a Brighter Future. We Provide Scholarships, School Supplies, And Access to Quality Education for Children from Underprivileged Backgrounds.
  • Health: We Work to Improve Access to Healthcare for All, Especially in Rural Areas. We Provide Medical Camps, Distribute Essential Medicines, And Raise Awareness About Important Health Issues.
  • Employment: We Empower Individuals to Become Self-Sufficient by Providing Skills Training, Job Placements, And Entrepreneurial Support. We Believe That Everyone Deserves the Opportunity to Earn a Decent Living and Support Their Families.

Our Impact:

Since Our Inception, We Have Made a Significant Impact On the Lives of Countless Individuals in India. We Have:

  • Provided Education Help to More Than 100 Children
  • Distributed Essential Medicines to Over 500 People
  • Helped Over 15a0 Individuals Find Employment

Our Values:

We Are Guided by A Set of Core Values That Define Who We Are and What We Do:

  • Compassion: We Believe in Treating Everyone with Dignity and Respect, Regardless of Their Background.
  • Integrity: We Are Committed to Transparency and Accountability in All Our Operations.
  • Empowerment: We Believe in Empowering Individuals and Communities to Reach Their Full Potential.
  • Sustainability: We Strive to Create Long-Lasting Solutions That Will Have a Lasting Impact.

How You Can Help:

There Are Many Ways You Can Get Involved and Support the Awake and Alive Foundation. You Can:

  • Donate: Your Financial Support Is Vital to Our Mission. Every Donation, Big or Small, Makes A Difference. Click Here to Know How to Donate
  • Volunteer: Share Your Time and Talents to Help Us Make a Difference in The Lives of Others. Click Here To Join
  • Spread The Word: Raise Awareness About Our Work and Encourage Others to Join Us in Our Mission.

Together, We Can Build a Brighter Future for India, One Life at A Time.

We Invite You to Explore Our Website to Learn More About Our Work and How You Can Get Involved.

Thank You for Your Support!